amazon-clouddriveCloud computing and online storage is now a days more preferable option than having another hardware. Amazon has launched an online storage service named “Amazon Cloud Drive” where they are offering 5 GB of free storage. That means, you can store files and folders having pictures, videos, documents etc. up to 5 GB in Amazon Cloud Drive without paying anything to the company. If you want more space, then you can pay $1 per GB per year to get that in no time.

Amazon Cloud Drive is using Amazon’s other web service named “Amazon S3” in the backend to store files and folders. Cloud Drive is jus the front end of that popular online storage system.


Benefits of Amazon Cloud Drive

[ad id=’9′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′] There are plenty of advantages of using Cloud Drive. As Amazon is fully aware that there are lot many online storage services available in the market and they too are offering free space, then it will be difficult to sustain if you don’t come up with new features, options and offers. That’s why they unveiled Cloud Drive with lot many offers and extra features. Here are few of them,

  • Maximum file upload size is 2 GB where other services are offering less. For example, Dropbox which is a popular data storage and synchronization service offers 300 MB per file size as upper limit.
  • There is no transfer-in and transfer-out charges. Very straight pricing structure.
  • Cloud Drive is also having a Cloud Player to play your stored or purchased MP3 songs directly from storage

Compare Amazon S3 and Cloud Drive

Amazon S3 is the back-end of Amazon Cloud Drive but of course the Cloud Drive is much easier to handle and maintain. The web based upload option is easy to use and understand for end users and this will help Amazon to reach non techy people for online storage. Pricing of Cloud Drive is much cheaper than Amazon S3 as there is transfer-in and transfer-out charges in S3 which is not there in Cloud Drive. For 20 GB storage in Cloud Drive, you will be charged $1.75 per month where the same amount of storage will add more than $4.50 per month if stored on Amazon S3. This way you can understand the difference between the pricing of these two services. The maximum space available in Cloud Drive is 1,000 GB which is sufficient for personal use as well as for limited professional use.

Start keeping backup of your important documents, pictures, videos etc. on Amazon Cloud Drive.

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