QR code is an image like barcode which is used on mobile devices as an input to recognize information attached in that QR image. We have already seen QR codes for URLs but as we also feed information like contact details, Email address, Phone Numbers etc. in our Smartphones, then QR code for this kind of information will also be helpful.

I tried QR codes on Android phones using Google Goggles which works really great in recognizing QR codes and other stuff, you may try other QR readers apps as well. Generate QR code for above specified things like contact details, email address, phone number, SMS Text etc. using this service. Here you just need to select the kind of information you want to feed in the QR code and then provide all the details related to that. For example, I tried with contact information and provided details like address, phone number, name, company name etc. Once you will click on “Generate”, you will see a QR code image in right side of the page. Now share that QR code image with your friends or you can use the same in your email signature as well.

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For SMS text, once you generated the QR code for a text, you can save that QR code in Goggles history and use the same text like template in future messages.

There must be many services for this purpose to generate QR code for these things. Do you use QR code frequently? Do you find this way of sharing information helpful? Share your thoughts on QR code for details like contact, phone number, Google Maps paces, SMS text etc.

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