Internet Marketing is process between advertisers and publishers and the link between them is traffic stats and quality of audience of publisher’s site. There are lot many places where Advertisers can see the traffic stats of a popular site, for example Compete, Sitemeter etc, But the details provided on Quantcast is really worth for Advertisers before investing on campaign.

quantcastQuantcast is an online tool to measure and organize the world audience in real-time so that advertisers can make a decision to sell/buy advertisements on certain sites. This service is mainly focused on U.S. audience but you can also get the details sorted on Country basis. Here I took an example of Mashable (a popular social media blog) where you can see the traffic details and other distribution of traffic on different parameters.

Mashable – Traffic Report on Quantcast


Graphical View of Traffic Summary


Demographic details of Visitors


There are lot many other stats available for a popular or Quantified sites. If you want to add or quantify your site/blog on Quantcast, then you will have to create a login ID and password and then embed a piece of code in your site’s header or footer part. Then “Scan your Site” using Quantcast Scan button. Quantification process will from that instant and your traffic details will start appearing after 4 – 5 days. You will also get a “Quantcast Rank” based on the popularity of your site. For example, Quantcast rank for Mashable is 527.

Internet Techies Verdict

Having these details for your site would definitely help you in future in attracting more and more advertisers. And for advertisers, the stats provided over here are much more dependable than Alexa Rank. We would recommend to enroll your site on Sitemeter and Quantcast.

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