british IndiaGoogle Maps is available to let us browse the map of any country to find out certain places, routes, distance between places or even to street view the popular places. What we normally browse on Google Maps is the current map of the country showing current line of control, border, divisions (if any), but how would you feel after getting an option to see your country’s almost five hundred years old map on Google Map. That would be interesting, isn’t it.

Years old map will drag you in history of any country as you can see how places were named at that time, what all major cities were there, details about different states etc. As you are very much familiar with the navigation system of Google Maps, you will find no problem in navigating through the older maps as well. Go to this site where you can find lot many historic maps of countries all over the world. You can select the region in which your country is located or in the older maps of country that you are interested about, the website will provide the list of available maps for that country.

HistoricMapWorks is having maps even more than 500 years old. For example, the untitled map of Palestine is from year 1475, that means almost 540 years old.

British Raj Maps of India, Maps from Mughal Period In India  

I found few interesting maps of my own country India. After going through these old maps, I am sure, you will also find some interesting things about the history of our country. For example, in earlier days our capital “New Delhi” was use to spelled as “Delli”. Rajasthan State including the part which is now in Pakistan was known as “Rajputana”.

Map of India – Year 1619


British Raj Map of Undivided India – Year 1913


Select your country or any other one where you are interested in the history of the same, and browse the maps from archive. You can also save the maps as JPEG by hitting the “Save” button available on top-right corner of each map. The application is having normal control as Google maps for example, top-bottom-left-right navigation, Zoom-in and Zoom-out feature etc.

Go ahead and browse the history of any country in the world using Google Maps.

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