By 2020, our most of the day to day things will be connected to Internet. Everything will become Internet of Things as everything will start talking to each other. One can control many otherwise passive devices like refrigerator, washing machine etc. using Smartphone apps and get the best out of these machines.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

The most simple and easy to understand definition of IoT is,

Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to explain as everything connected to the Internet. By today, the capabilities of Internet connection has been reached to the physical devices like TV, Fridge, Coffee Machine etc. to security cameras, mirrors, building, cars etc. With the help of sensors, software and good network, one can control things which otherwise would have required physical presence.

10 Points to Explain IoT (Internet of Things)

  • IoT is all about Internet enabled devices which can be connected to Internet and controlled in many ways
  • Devices which were serving a purpose will become smart and will start providing more data
  • IoT devices need sensors and connectivity features to talk to other devices
  • Artificial Intelligence will be used to get the best out of IoT devices
  • Control all day to day household activities like tracking groceries, cleaning the car, turning off the lights at night, parking the car in garage, paying utility bills, sending birthday gifts etc. without moving from a place
  • Businesses will use IoT devices to automate the work and boost efficiency
  • Government will use IoT at many procedural work to save time and effort
  • Common people will make the use of IoT for convenience, Health and Control
  • By 2020, more than 24 Billion IoT devices will be available in Market
  • IoT will boost¬†production in companies because of the self optimizing production technique and will help in making the companies more profit

Visually Understand the Internet of Things (IoT) and It’s Future

Important Points from the Infographic

  • Multiple sensors will enable the devices to measure different parameters like temperature, flow, humidity, leaks, levels, acoustic, sound, motion, displacement etc.
  • Connectivity with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, Volte, NFC etc. will allow to use the devices on personal and secured network
  • With the help of sensors and connectivity, people will use IoT devices for purposes like,
    • Analytics and Cloud API
    • Location & Tracking
    • Better Financial Decisions
    • Control and Automation
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Customer Relationship Management and Support
  • With the help of this technology advancements, new kind of devices started flooding the market,
    • Connected Cars
    • Activity Trackers
    • Smart Outlets
    • Parking Sensors
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • Smart Light bulb
    • Insurance Adjustment
    • Smart Infotainment System and more
  • Huge business opportunities are there in Internet of Things and the recently estimated figure says that IoT will become more than $267 Billion market by 2020


Internet of Things (IoT) is currently in a very early stage but in next 2 years, we will see tremendous growth in the market. Consumer items like TV, Fridge, Coffee Machine, Bathrooms, Home Security etc. has already been converted into a smarter ones. Wearable devices like smartwatch will help in controlling the IoT devices and in coming days, will see lot many such things happening.


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