The traditional way of learning periodic table of elements is to go through the periodic table chart. You can easily find the chart in books or magazines but to find out more details related to each element, you need to go through the book or in some cases, reference books. In today’s world, it becomes easier to feed our mind with interactive learning tools and platforms. One of the many example is the YouTube videos of Khan Academy through which many students, teachers and enthusiast around the world are getting their doubt cleared. Periodic Table of Elements in an interactive platform can offer so much information in lesser time and adds fun to the process of leaning. There are many web applications available to offer the interactive way of learning periodic table of elements which is an important part of Chemistry.

Periodic Table of Elements

Here are few interactive and beautiful period table of elements to spice up your chemistry.

#Ptable – An interactive period table of elements with information like metallic and non-metallic properties, temperature exposure behaviour, atomic number / atomic weight, solid, liquid and gas properties, isotopes etc. By dragging the temperature meter, you can see the change in colour for different elements and see how the extra heat will change their behaviour.

#RSC Period Table – Another interactive periodic table with extra information like electron configuration, density, availability and supply risk etc. You need to hover the mouse on an element to see more details about it. YOu can also click on the “Visual Elements Images” button to see the real pictures of each element. Click on an element to read more about it.

#Syngenta – A clean periodic table with interactive design. Again mouse hover on each element and it flashes more information about the element.

#Spiral Periodic Table – It is a very different style of presenting periodic table of elements in an irregular spiral diagram. In 1949, the Life magazine published a new style of periodic table design showing relationship between different elements in a spiral diagram. Checkout the spiral view of periodic table of elements below,

Click on the Image to See Larger Picture
Click on the Image to See Larger Picture

Android Apps for Period Table of Elements

Android Tablets and Phones are one of great source of interactive learning. There are so many really good apps available on Google Play Store to learn periodic table of elements on these smart devices. You can touch the element icon and get more details about the same. Even drag and mix the elements, solve quizzes and have fun along with learning important things. Here are some of the free interactive apps for Android about Period Table of Elements.

# Periodic Table by JQ Soft

# Elements – Periodic Table

# Periodic Table of Elements

# Periodic Table

# Periodic Table Quiz

You can also find so many interactive apps for iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. Some of them are available in high-definition resolution to provide clarity in details.

Do you use any web or mobile application to learn educational stuff like the one explained above? Which is your favourite tool for interactive learning? Post your comments and suggestions below.

Credit – Spiral Image

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