If you are facing a slow Internet connection on your computer, then you should try testing that to get exact upload and download speed. There are online tools to perform the test on just one click to let you know the current download and upload speed on your Internet connection. Whether you are using wired broadband connection or Wireless or 3G connections, you can perform these tests to get the exact data.

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[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]Earlier we shared tools to perform test for Internet speed, here is another online tool to do the same. Speed test tool on Bandwidth Place is a flash interface to perform the similar internet speed test. This interface is very clean and easy to understand to new Internet players. You just need to click on the “Start Test” button available on the flash window to start the test process over there. Process will not take more than a minute to complete, and finally you will have the exact download and upload speed. It doesn’t matter how slow or fast your Internet connection is, you can start the test on any connection to know the numbers.

internet speed test

You can also try another clean layout for Internet speed test. Knology Speed Test is a flash based tool mainly based on Speedtest.net only but having a cleaner look.

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knology speed test

Once you will have the exact download and upload speed data, you can contact Internet Service Provider and ask them about the slow Internet connection and speed you are getting. You can also discuss the issue with tech related people or online communities by sharing your current Internet speed screenshots over there.

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