operaWebsite load time depends on many factors including the Internet connection speed. If you are having slow Internet connection, then newly released Opera 11.10 is the best suitable browser for you. Once the turbo feature of Opera is enabled, It loads even bulky websites much faster on slow Internet connection. Opera is a well-known browser for mobile devices but with the new version, it is going to gain new and old users from Windows, Linux and Mac OS devices as well.

How does Opera load pages faster?

[ad id=’9′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′] When you type a website address on browser, it starts fetching the request from hosting server of the website. In case of Turbo ON, Opera takes your request and load the website on their server first and then send the compressed, optimized copy of the website on your computer. In optimization, it reduces the size of media content like images on the website and also compress the page. As your computer (read Opera browser) fetches the request from Opera’s server, it loads the compressed and optimized version of the site. That’s why the pages even load faster on slow Internet connection.

Opera is having Turbo feature since the version 10.0 of the browser but this time in V11.10, it included the optimized format of images i.e Google WebP. By using this format, it can compress the size of images up to 80% which is a significant compression.

The compressed or optimized version of images are not that bad. They look same as the original image as Opera is using smart optimization with Google WebP image format. I loaded a webpage of this blog on Opera 11.10 regular with Turbo OFF and then loaded the same page with Turbo ON. The optimized version with Turbo ON saved 1 MB data load and compressed the page 5 times than original page.


How to enable Turbo on Opera 11.10

If you are slow Internet connection, you should enable Opera Turbo on V11.10 to load pages faster. You can enable the Turbo in Opera at any point of time. You just need to click on the “dialer” like button on left-bottom of the browser on status bar. Once you will hover your mouse on the button, it will tell you the status. Once it is ON, the color of the button will change to green and that will show you the number of times saving and also the download amount saved because of the Turbo ON. Here is the screenshot of Turbo button on Opera 11.10.


Opera 11.10 Turbo is Money Saver

As Opera 11.10 compresses images and serve them from their own server, it will help you in saving money as well. If you are using Internet connection with download amount limit or metered connection (specially in café, Paid Wi-Fi zones, hotels), you can reduce the download size or Internet usage charges by using Opera. It will load the compressed and optimized version of websites with reduced size of images and will save money in terms of Internet usage.

Google Chrome is a fast browser but the Turbo feature makes Opera the best suitable browser on Slow Internet connection. With Turbo ON and the WebP image format, you can save time and money on slow and limited download Internet connection with this browser.

Here is the promotional video of Opera 11.10 showing the time-saving and reduced download on the browser.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZfFU7R75Wo’]

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