is broadcasting live coverage of FIFA World Cup 2010. It is a part of and official partner of FIFA World Cup. As per the recent report, was viewed by 1.7 million viewers in just 4 days of the game.

ESPN is covering all section of media whether it is TV, Internet, Mobile. Near about 1 million videos have been watched on ESPN Mobile device.


Here is the Media Release from ESPN showing stats from different platforms,

Through the first three days of the World Cup, 65% of ESPN/ABC’s audience was exposed to the World Cup only on television, 24% were exposed on TV and some other platform, and 11% consumed the World Cup solely on some platform other than television, an incremental audience lift of 13%.

Of all those who consumed any ESPN/ABC World Cup content, 89% used TV, 31% used the Internet, 8% used Radio, 6% used mobile.   

On the average day, multiplatform consumers accounted for 27% of the users, and 52% of the usage of World Cup content. 

Through Sunday night, TV viewers spent 4.5 billion minutes watching World Cup coverage on ESPN/ABC.  Digital consumers spent 354 million minutes with ESPN Internet/Mobile content, adding 8% to total usage.

354 Million minutes spent by Digital Consumers which is a very high number. This section covers PC’s, Internet and Mobile Devices.

World Cup’s Final is on 11’th July and you can imagine how much pageviews are going to be served from ESPN3 till that day. Waka Waka – This Time for Africa!

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