For business or personal use, we need to send faxes to different locations. If you are connected through Internet, you can use the benefits and enjoy sending free fax online. Earlier we shared a list of 5+ online services to send fax for free and also shared couple of services to send fax trough email. Now adding to the list of online services to send fax for free of charge, we are going to provide you couple of more links.

No one wants Ads in the sent fax and that’s why we picked services which doesn’t add Ads on the fax paper or as cover. Most of the online services are subscription based where you need to pay few dollars a month as per the frequency and size of the fax item. But again, few of these services also provide a number of free faxes a day as a promotional trick where you can take advantage of the same and utilize the free service if your requirement is just of sending couple of faxes a day.

[ad id=’9′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′] GotFreeFax is that kind of service where you can provide the sender information and recipient information and send 2 free faxes per day of maximum 3 pages per fax. 3 pages document is sufficient in many cases and if your case is one of them then go ahead and try the service. The service will add a free cover page and there will not be any Ad on the faxed document. You can either type the content or upload the document that you want to send using this service.

Another reliable service is PamFax where you get 3 free pages to fax online after sign up. You don’t need to have any credit card at the time of sign up and your fax will be Ad free. To sign up on PamFax, you just need an email ID. If you are having more than one email ID, you can create more than one account and use the free fax online offer from PamFax.

Actually these online fax services provides a fax server and then transmits the document to the recipient number using telephone network line attached to the fax server. It is not recommended to use these services to send very confidential and private documents. You can use these services to send casual and normal use documents.

Anyways, if you are looking for online services to send fax for free, above or earlier listed services are ready to do so.

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