Khan Academy is well-known for the videos and courses explained by Salman Khan covering subject like Mathematics, Biology, Finance, Computers etc. Almost all the videos of Khan Academy are hosted on YouTube and available for free. Teacher, Students or even anyone who are interested to know about the subject or any specific topic may go to the Khan Academy official YouTube channel Or the website to checkout the videos. But to watch his videos and learn about the exercises, you need Internet connection as without that you won’t be able to open YouTube videos or the official site itself.

As Khan Academy videos are also popular in third world countries where Internet is not that cheap or available. In that case, it is very difficult to browse the content of Khan Academy or any other video itself. Sometimes, it is also not safe to let the students browse the Internet when teachers or parents are not around. In that case, Offline Khan Academy comes into the picture. Do you want the complete Khan Academy courses including videos, exercises in a complete downloadable package which can be accessed offline without Internet? Here are the ways through which you can access Khan Academy videos offline from your local computer’s hard disk.

1. Offline Khan Academy Website

For the students, teachers or organizations which are not capable of accessing the Khan Academy courses online, the complete website including the videos, exercises etc. are available to download in a package. You just need to fill up a request form which will allow you to download a zip file. Once you will unzip the file, it will ask you to either download separate playlists or a complete package (download_All.bat). The complete package is of around 25GB. Once you will download the package, you will be able to browse the complete website from the downloaded folder.

2. Khan Academy Desktop Software

If you want a simple software installed on your computer with an index of the courses and videos on Khan Academy’s YouTube channel, you can download this simple tool. It will open a window with all the YouTube videos of Khan Academy with name and description. You can either download the video or play the same from YouTube. You can download a complete playlist by selecting the option “”. If you want to move the software from one computer to another, just install it again on the new computer and move the downloaded videos from old computer to the new one (paste under the same folder name and location, default is C:\Khan_video_folder).

You can individually download Khan Academy videos like any other YouTube video by these methods.

Important Note – These offline version of Khan Academy allows you to browse the courses from your computer and that’s why they may not be updated with the latest courses and videos uploaded recently. The desktop version of the course is not supported or developed by the official Khan Academy Organization.

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