Do you like to live stream an event happening at your place? Live streamed event will be accessible from anywhere by anyone. For example, you are hosting an event in your city where you like people to attend and see the event even from thousand miles away. Such live streaming options will work great and will allow you to get more attendees and audience.

YouTube Live Streaming is the most common and used platform for live streaming an event. You need to setup your YouTube account for the live streaming option and then, in few minutes you can start the streaming. Yous account requires certain number of subscribers to have this feature but is commonly used.

Apart from that, here are some other public live streaming options.

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Some popular and less known places to Live Stream Online


With the largest user base and views, Ustream is the leader in live stream business on web. You will see proper section for social networking and a ready platform for sharing live videos.

2. Livestream

Another well built and maintained service for live video streaming. You can broadcast live videos of an event thru Livestream. On these services, you can see the number of viewers on real time.

3. Justin.TV

Lot many radio stations and custom video channels are running on Justin.TV where you can see people taking video interviews of well known people and promoting their stuff as well.

4. Qik

Thru Qik, you can live stream from your mobile phone and even chat with others as well. It is a clean and easy to use platform for Android as well as iPhone mobile phones.

5. Stickam

CES is expected to live stream on Stickam where you can also live stream your events for free.

Bambuser, Fixwagon, BlogTV,, Vokle are some more places to live stream an event online by just connecting a webcam or camcorder from your laptop or even from your mobile device.

Video streaming is going to be the next big thing in coming days as companies like Google, Apple have entered in web TV market. Here are some online places from where you can live stream any event by just connecting a camcorder or webcam with Internet. You can maintain a TV show hosted by you and shared with everyone all over the world. With as low as zero investment, you can start webcasting live events online with your current available resources without much effort.

In fact, now a days, mobile phones are having good hardware in camera section and thru apps, you can live stream videos directly from your mobile phone using 3G or Wi-Fi services. With you Smartphone, you can use any of these options to live stream the events for free,

Facebook Live is the common platform to stream something live from your Smartphone and show that to you friends over there. You can also live stream event from a Facebook page. There are some parameters like number of likes required to get live streaming feature on a Facebook page. Once you get it, you can stream live over there and share that with others.

There must be more services of this kind but above listed are some well known places to interact with visitors by providing them live feed. Out of these, USTREAM,, Livestream, Qik are the most popular ones. In fact few days ago, Facebook had streamed the Tech Talk with former president George Bush on Livestream only where Mark Zuckerberg was also available on that show. Out of this list, Ustream is no doubt having the largest user base and is popular for webcasting so many channels and videos, live shows.

Did you ever try a live stream platform for broadcasting any event? If yes, then share your favorite platform for this service thru comments. I hope you will enjoy streaming your event live on any of the above listed services for free.

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