Google or other search engines does not see a website as we do. Their spider goes thru the HTML code of the page and read them. Now a days, search engine’s spiders are intelligent but still they can’t read text written in flash. That means, if you want a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, then always have a text version of your site apart from the flash rich version. So how does our site looks to the search engine’s spiders? Earlier we talked about the Lynx browser desktop version to see a website in the way Google or other search engine does, and here is an online service to do the same.

Lynx viewer is a free online service to show a website on lynx browser without doing any installation on local machine. You just need to paste the URL of your website or any other website to see the lynx layout of the site. Of course the layout would be some HTML data only, as search engines can only understand that much. Google has also added a very good tool to fetch website like Lynx in Google Webmaster to showcase a website in the way google does while crawling them. If you are using Google Webmaster tool, then you can use that option available and get the information from there.

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lynx viewer

On Lynx viewer, you can see if the site is coded in flash, then no text will appear in the viewer. That means, there is nothing to read and highlight for search engines. Anyway, if you get so many backlinks for the flash site, then you can get traffic based on the title and description of the page.

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Do you use this kind of service or browser to analyze your own website or client’s website? You can analyze your client’s website and suggest some improvement for SEO based on the lynx viewer data and layout. Share your thoughts on this topic thru comment section of this post.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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