Now a days, browser is the most used application of a computer because web development is in such a phase where you will find almost everything on the browser only. No need to have a separate software for tiny application. Alarm clock is such a tiny application which helps us in meeting deadlines and keeping us awake. What if your browser connected to Internet will ask you to wake up at the pre-set time? Yes, if you are a web addict then you will keep you computer running almost 24×7 and in that case, your browser will ask you to wake up at certain time as you had decided.

Kuku Klok is such a website (online) where you can set the alarm time and even the sound at which you want yourself up. One of the most important thing is that, the Kuku Klok doesn’t require continuous Internet connection (offline mode). Which means, if your Internet Connection went off in between after setting the alarm time because of any issue, the alarm clock will keep working and will wake you up at the set time even without the availability of Internet.


Steps are very simple and obvious. You have to set the alarm time by using + and – sign and then set the sound. Now click on “Set Alarm”, and you are done.

There are lot many web applications for alarm clock, but I found the look and feel of this site really cool. Share your favorite web Alarm application which you uses on regular basis or do you find the physical alarm more reliable?   

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