We spend so much time on Internet browsing different kind of stuffs like Social Networking sites, blogs, News etc. What about our favorite TV shows scheduled on our TV sets and because of the work load, you can’t go and watch that show at your home. Don’t worry, you can watch your favorite TV shows online using the Internet. Shows like 30 Rocks, Chuck, Glee, Lost, Burn Notice and much more are available online to watch on your PC monitor.

burn notice

As there are lot many places on web to watch these TV shows on web, but here we are listing few sources where you can find the episodes of different sessions of these shows. TV Show 7 is one place where you can find lot many episodes of Burn Notice Season 4, 30 Rock Season 5, Glee Season 2, Vampire Diaries Season 2 and much more at single place. You just need to select the show from the listing and then you can select a particular episode you like to watch. That’s it, you can start playing that episode of your favorite tv show.

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Cucirca is another source of playing the episodes of your favorite TV shows. There you can watch different seasons of “Desperate Housewives”, Chuck, Dexter, Family Guy, Heroes, True Blood, Dexter, 24, 90210, Ghost Whisperer and much more.

Hulu is definitely a nice place to watch clips or full episode of favorite TV shows, but that site is not available outside US. You can use free VPN clients to watch Hulu videos in your country, but the sites provided in this post are available everywhere, and you don’t need VPN clients to watch them.

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