PayPal users can withdraw amount in some local banks (nationalized). Before withdrawing the amount, if you want to check the current exchange rate on PayPal, then you can check that thru ‘Currency Converter’ available on PayPal.


Remember that the exchange rate on PayPal always remain lower than the exact exchange rate of currency.


For example, Current exchange rate (Dated 12/12/2009)  for US dollars into Indian INR,

1 US Dollar = 46.48800 Indian Rupee (INR)

PayPal exchange rate for US dollars into Indian Rupee INR,

1 US Dollar = 45.05470 Indian Rupee (INR)  

See the screenshot below:


The point to noted here is the , if you are planning to withdraw an amount from PayPal then check the currency converter to plan your  PayPal money.

Where to find the Currency Converter in PayPal,

To find out the current PayPal exchange rate, follow the below steps:

1. Login to your PayPal account

2. Click on ‘Withdraw’ under ‘My Account’ tab

3. Select the option to withdraw your amount.

4. Now you need to fill the amount of withdrawal, at the bottom of that window you can see a link as ‘Currency Converter’


5. Click on Currency Converter to open the converter in a new window

6. Enter the amount for conversion, tat window will show you the current PayPal conversion exchange rate

Here is the screenshot of PayPal Currency Converter:


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