Here we are discussing 8 online places to keep backup of photos residing on memory card of Digital Cameras, Smartphones and Hard Disk of computers. There are so many popular clouding services to keep photos for lifetime without spending so much.

These days almost every mobile phone is coming with either 2MP (mega pixel), 3MP, 5MP or even 12MP camera and we do take some snaps with that. And the market is also populated to cheaper digital cameras with 4GB or more memory card. We use these easily available cameras in daily life to take lot many pictures and after certain period, we take the memory card (SD card) out of them and connect that with computer to transfer the snaps to hard disk. Thru memory card on Smartphones, we do share pictures directly on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc. and then just forget about other snaps.

Take backup of Digital Life on web

After certain period, while cleaning the hard disk, we delete some snaps (intentionally or unintentionally) as well. To avoid such situation or to organize your memories, you should take backup of your digital life so that after 15 – 20 years, you can recall the moment by just going thru them. There are some awesome places to keep your photos safely. But before listing the benefits of these places, I would suggest you a way to keep your photos on web for lifetime.

How to take backup of Photos to keep them for lifetime

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]There are lot many services available on web to keep the backup of files like pictures, videos etc. But I want one place to have all my data so that after few years, I don’t need to remember so many IDs, passwords of different places where I used to keep them. That’s why, here I have explained a simple way to move these files on one place.

First of all I would like to tell you that the single place in this case is Amazon S3 which is the most reliable, cheap and fast web clouding service. Now you can install Flickr, Dropbox, Mozy on your computer or Smartphones and then upload the pictures of smartphone’s camera to these places wherever you want. Now connect them to your computer and then upload the pictures (photos) to Amazon S3 account. Here is the process to upload the pictures and video files to Amazon S3 account. Now this way, you have your important pictures on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and then you also have some snaps on Dropbox account i.e. even on your PC synched with Smartphone. And finally you have everything on one place as well i.e. Amazon S3.

Here are some details about online backup services for photos, videos, and other files.

1. Flickr

flickr logoThis is a photo, video sharing platform by Yahoo. You can use Flickr free account to share pictures of total 100 MB per month. There is a limit of 2 videos per month of 90 seconds max of 150 MB each.

But Flickr is also having a Pro account which is really good. They charge $24.95 per year and let you upload unlimited photos (20 MB per photo), Unlimited videos of max 90 seconds, Ad-free browsing etc. and much more. Flickr images are easy to browse and share.

2. Google Picasa

picasa logoWell, Google’s Picasa is a flickr like service to upload images for free. In Picasa you can upload up to 1 GB of photos for free. To get more space, you will have to purchase pro account thru which you can expand the storage space up to 1 TB.

3. Dropbox

dropbox logoFor synching files, photos between different computer devices, mobile devices i.e. smartphones like iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry etc., you should choose Dropbox. There are apps available for different mobile devices. For example, if you have an iPhone, you just take picture from the camera on your phone and then send that to Dropbox. Now the picture will be available to access from anywhere and even that will be stored on your computer synched with Dropbox account.

As Dropbox provides free storage up to 2 GB, so you can move photos from mobile phone to Dropbox and once you will turn on your computer, you can move files to Amazon S3 account.

4. Mozy

This is another online backup service for photos. also provides 2 GB storage for free and then onwards, you will have to pay $5 per month for unlimited storage.

5. LogMeIn Backup

LogMeIn is a popular remote desktop support service thru which you can access computers located remotely and provide support. Now LogMeIn also provide backup service thru which you can take backup of the remote computer. LogMeIn backup service is a paid service, so you will have to pay for taking backup of another system. Backup will be stored on web clouding platform owned by LogMeIn.

6. Amazon S3

amazon s3 logoFor backing up files, photos, videos and avoid hot linking, you should use Amazon S3 service. This is the most reliable and dependable service to keep files for lifetime. Pricing for this service is cheapest in the market. To know more about latest pricing drop in Amazon S3, read this article.

7. Facebook Albums

In today’s 3G world, people upload their latest photos directly to Facebook account and share them with their friends and circle. Some people says that there is a limit for uploading number of photos on facebook per album. I think the limit is around 200 photos in an album. Still the numbers are not confirmed but there is some sort of limit in uploading pictures per account.

8. Microsoft SkyDrive

skydriveWindows Live service by Microsoft is providing 25 GB of online storage for free to each live account. That storage is known as SkyDrive which is accessible on Windows Live page of Microsoft. You can even access the SkyDrive storage directly from the Office 2010. But I think the storage provided by SkyDrive is more useful for files like PDF, Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc.

You can use any of the above listed service for taking backup of your photo collections. There are lot many other services also available on web which are not listed in this post, but always trust some reliable services only.

Which is your favorite place for keeping digital life on web? Share your thoughts about the above list.

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