Motion Pictures movie theaters need only 2K resolution videos for projection on 72 ft screen but YouTube is now having videos with 4K resolutions as well. Previously YouTube was having videos up to 1080p HD resolution but now that barrier is broken with lot many 4096p x 3072p HD videos available on youtube resolution change[6]YouTube. According to YouTube, 4K resolutions videos are ideal for 25 feet screens. This means, you can watch World Cup highlights on a big screen just from YouTube.

Attached below are some 4K resolution videos. You will have to change the resolution by mentioned tab on YouTube player. Click on “Original” to see video in 4K resolution. On your computer screen, you will not se much difference but once you will check the video on big screen, you can understand the meaning of 4K resolution. Play 4K resolution videos from this playlist on YouTube.

Videos with 4K HD Resolution

Note: Right click on these videos and select “Watch on YouTube” to choose the 4K resolution from the player itself.

So what was your first reaction after watching these awesome videos in 4K resolution on your favorite video portal. I think now it is time to launch Google TV and broadcast everything from one source i.e. YouTube.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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