Wall Street Journal (WSJ.com) is one of the famous newspaper having nice amount of content on different subjects. WSJ keeps some of its articles for paid customers in their online service. As WSJ online version is available for WSJ.comdifferent geographic locations, you may find something really good over there but may be that articles is locked by a key. You can check whether the articles is locked or not by looking for a “key” symbol beside the title of the article on the home page or you will se a message as “To Continue Reading, Subscribe Now”. For getting access to WSJ Asia content, you will have to pay US$1.99 per week. But after reading this article, you can unlock any locked article on WSJ and read that online for free.

WSJ is very keen to getting indexed on Google from where they get huge traffic on daily basis. They want the Google crawler to crawl their pages (whole content) regularly and that’s why they have provided access to the entire content or Google. So the solution for reading articles on WSJ for free is very simple. Just google the title of the article and open that article on the same page of the google search result by clicking the link on Google SERP. Here is the screenshot showing the trick.

Home Page of WSJ showing Locked Articles

WSJ Home Page showing locked articles

Locked Article on WSJ

Article is locked and need paid subscription to get access for this article. WSJ charge US$1.99 per week for Asia Content. Charges are different in different geo locations. You may find locked articles on WSJ home page by seeing a “Key” beside the title of the article.

Subscribe Now for Locked Articles on WSJ

Searched for the Title of WSJ Article on Google

Google for the title of the WSJ post. Search result will definitely have that title from WSJ indexed.

Google SERP for WSJ Article

Opened the same article from Google Search Result Page

Open the link on Google SERP on the same page to get access for that article. You can repeat he procedure to read other locked articles of WSJ.

Unlocked Article on WSJ opened from Google SERP

Done! No need to subscribe WSJ when you can read their content for free. WSJ is not worried about that as they are getting huge traffic from google and earning thru the advertisements placed on their pages.

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