Dropbox is an interesting application to have files synchronized between computer, online account, mobile phones. We use Dropbox to store files like pictures, documents, PDF, songs etc. by uploading them or moving them to the Dropbox folder so that we can access them from anywhere. Now if you want to store your important email attachment file or take backup of Google Docs document file, then Dropbox can be a reliable and useful choice for the same. But downloading and then moving those files or attachments to Dropbox folder may be annoying, so why don’t you just send an email or forward the current email to a pre-set email ID for your Dropbox account to move those files to Dropbox folder.

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app-send-to-dropboxI think it would be much easier to forward the current email which is having important attachment to an email ID to store the file into Dropbox folder. Same can be done with the Google Docs document by using share option available on Google Docs to share a file with certain email ID. Send to Dropbox is a free service to connect your Dropbox account to get an email ID. Send to Dropbox will provide you an email ID (or you can choose to have another as per your choice). Now you need to forward an email containing important attachment or share Google Docs documents with that email ID to move them to your Dropbox account folders.

On Send to Dropbox app, you can configure the settings to move the files in specific folders. You can also organize the files received thru the email address by filtering them with different attributes like subject, from email address etc. This will help you in organizing the files received from different persons or places like Docs. This app can extract the zip achieves automatically and store the extracted folder or files in your set folder.


As this app connects with Dropbox using Dropbox API and you can disallow the app at any point of time using your Dropbox account. But the app is looking secured enough.

Important: Don’t share your “Send to Dropbox” email ID in public as you may start receiving malicious files, attachments in your Dropbox account which may cause you problem.

I am using Dropbox on my BlackBerry, Android Phone and Computers and sharing files mostly PDFs and Photos to access them from anywhere. Now storing email attachments by just forwarding them from any machine will help me accessing them from anywhere as well.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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