I was watching TED India live on Indiatimes and saw the live chat using Facebook Live stream. Then explored a bit and found very useful platform where you can use Live Stream using Facebook, Twitter, AIM and MySpace. USTREAM is the place where you can use these social networking platform’s API to embed live chat on live shows powered by you.

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USTREAM is a platform for live life-streaming, broadcasting, live video streaming online. Here you can add your shows by connecting the live streaming setup like camcorder and system and then start broadcasting your show live. You may embed the live video on your blog as well as you may embed the social sharing chat window over there as well. Facebook status live streaming or twitter tweets may work as a live chat platform thru which you can engage your viewers. Here is the screenshot of Live streaming chat window on one of my favorite broadcaster Chris Pirillo:

live_stream_ustreamAnd here is the screenshot of Live Stream on TED India where online visitors are sharing their status and thoughts thru facebook profile embedded on TED website:

ted_live_streaming You may try this feature on USTREAM and share your experience of Live Streaming Chat thru Social Media platforms.

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