We need to provide email address while registering for different type of services on web. Sometimes we start getting spams just after registering for such services. In that case, you can provide disposable email address which is valid for a very short period like 10 – 20 minutes. This type of temporary email address can let you register for unreliable services and let you avoid spam on your regular (personal) email accounts.

temporary-emailYou can get temporary email address and even check emails over there as well. You may try 10minutemail.com service to get disposable email address and use the same for registering for services on web. Here you get a temporary email account valid for next 10 minutes. Once you will register for any service on web, normally you get an activation email. You can see the activation email on 10minutemail page after refreshing the page. Now you need to verify that email by clicking on that. Done, you can start using the service you just registered with the temporary email address.


This kind of disposable or temporary email account will help you avoid spam on your regular email account. Mailinator is another service to let you create temporary email address. This kind of services will help you reduce spam emails in your Inbox.

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