Last month, Google released a list of top 1,000 websites on Google Ad Planner to showcase the traffic and stats of these sites to advertisers. This list is having all the well known sites with traffic more than 4.1 million unique visitors a month. This announcement was made on AdWords blog where Google update its advertisers with new announcements.

Some of the interesting sites and blogs who made their entry in this list are,

#1 – Facebook – 540 Million Unique Visitors (UV) per Month

#18 – Twitter – 96 Million UV per Month

#246 – The Huffington Post – 12 Million UV per Month

#389 – Indiatimes – 8.9 Million UV per Month

#434 – Engadget – 8,1 Million UV per Month

#540 – Gizmodo – 6.7 Million UV per Month

#696 – Mashable – 5.6 Million UV per Month

#850 – TechCrunch – 4.7 Million UV  per Month

Here is the screenshot of the List,

top 1000 websites

Checkout the complete list here.

How To Check Traffic of Other Websites?

You can check traffic of any other website on Google Ad planner as well. Go ahead and enter the URL of the website in the input box provided on the Google Ad Planner home page. You can see whether that website accepts advertisement, what is monthly traffic of the site etc.

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