If you are a power user on Internet and always end up with lot many open tabs in your browser then here is the solution for keeping track of open tabs on Firefox. TabViz is an extension on Firefox to provide a visual information about the relationship and order of open tabs on the browser.


TabViz is developed by three students (Jakob Hilden, Liz Blankenship and Kerry Kao) from University of Michigan School of Information as part of their class project. They created a really helpful and innovative extension for Firefox users and even got the best innovation award from Mozilla Labs Design Challenge.

Screen – TabViz On Firefox


This extension will provide you a radial tab visualization on browser to look at the relationships and order of the open tabs for looking back at the original source of the tab. For example, if you are looking for “Science Colleges” on Google and then open lot many links from the search result page. Now you open more links from a website of Science college which you found from Google Search.  If you will open TabViz on the latest page, It will show you the route followed by you say Google Result – College Website – Current Page.

Basically it will help you in not loosing the track of your search. If you are looking for something on Internet, then you should be focused on that particular thing only. In that case, TabViz will help you by providing the links between your opened tabs on Firefox browser.

Extension is available to download on Google Code page of this project. You can also find the details from the TabViz blog created by those students.

Here is the Video presentation made by them to present the extension in Mozilla Labs Design Challenge 2009. Go thru this video to take an overview:

TabViz In Mozilla Labs Design Challenge 2009

This extension is still in development phase and expected to get modified in coming future. You can also contribute to the project by contacting Liz Blankenship or others from the project.

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