YouTube introduced “Safety Mode” feature in February 2010 by using which one can restrict the potentially objectionable videos. There are different types of videos available on YouTube which includes violence, murder, political protests etc. For example, the murder of Iranian girl Neda Agha-Soltan. These videos may disturb the normal happy browsing family or people. In that case, that family or user should turn ON “Safety Mode” on YouTube.

YouTube Safety Mode is not 100% accurate which means even after enabling the “Safety Mode”, you may see some disturbing videos. I tried to watch Neda Agha-Soltan’s murder in protest rally after enabling the “Safety Mode”, it was restricted for some videos but allowed to see for some of them. Reason behind this loophole is that YouTube decides the type of video by checking the community flagging and other content signal. Community flagging is a button provided below each video for user to set the type of video as “Flag video as inappropriate”. If someone had set that flag for certain video then that video will not be allowed to see under “Safety Mode ON” status.

Safety Mode Button at Footer of YouTube Page

YouTube Safety Mode

Safety Enabled on YouTube

YouTube Safety Mode enabled

Set Flag for Inappropriate Videos

Set flag for inappropriate videos

If you are using computer for YouTube family viewing then you may keep the safety mode turned ON. Even it doesn’t guarantee the restriction but still will work for some of the objectionable YouTube videos.

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