Internet users are growing day by day and so is the broadband speed in different parts of world. But still the browsing speed difference is huge in different countries for the broadband users. Ookla, the same company which owns, recently launched a portal named “Net Index” where you can check average speed of broadband connection in different parts of world. Here you can also find the cities with fastest broadband connections.

Broadband Average Download/Upload Speed Index

According to the data on Net Index,


Global Broadband for Consumer Average Speed is 7.67 Mbps

Average Download Speed in United States (26’th) is 10.15 Mbps, Upload Speed of 2.22 Mbps

Average Download Speed in United Kingdom (33’rd) is 7.69 Mbps

Average Download Speed in India (122’th) is 1.33 Mbps, Upload Speed of 0.67 Mbps

Top 5 Countries by Download Speed are,

South Korea : 36.5 Mbps

Latvia : 23.3 Mbps

Republic of Moldova : 21.5 Mbps

Japan : 20.3 Mbps

Sweden : 19.8 Mbps


Top performing States in US are,

Delaware : 15.6Mbps

Rhode Island : 15.2Mbps

Massachusetts : 15Mbps

New Jersey : 14.1Mbps

Virginia : 13.6Mbps

Note: To get the list of all countries by their ranking in average download speed, click here. Here you can find your country and check the details about the broadband connection, download speed etc.

These results are taken based on the tests results from As per the company’s release note, Speedtest has already served 1.5 billion test queries.

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