YouTube recently crossed 1 billion views a day and it shows the popularity of this video portal. If you are thinking of starting your own channel on YouTube then go ahead and read this complete guide which is having relevant information covering below topics:


  1. What is YouTube Channel

  2. How To Setup a YouTube Channel

  3. Change Theme, Layout and Design

  4. Track Your Channel’s Popularity

  5. Upload Videos, Modification, Tagging, Annotations

  6. Start Making Money Thru Your Channel

YouTube Channel – Chris Pirillo


What is YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is a customized portal of a user where he can upload/manage his own video collections and share them with other users of YouTube or other places like Blogs. Channel owner can upload videos from his local computer, Webcam etc and them share them in an organized format thru YouTube Channel.

How To Setup a YouTube Channel

Sign Up on YouTube with the channel ID (Username). For example, If I have to create a channel with ID as “MegaTestchannel”, I would go ahead and enter the YouTube ID as “MegaTestchannel”. Now enter other details and don’t forget to check the box saying “Make your channel visible to everyone”.  Now click on “Agree” to proceed to the next step.

Enter Details about YouTube Signup


Assign Google ID to YouTube Channelchannel_setup_2

Now you can attach your YouTube ID or channel with an existing Google account or any other email ID. This ID can also be used to login on YouTube. Once you will enter the Email ID and password, it will take you to the YouTube home page with your login. Now you can access your channel at following address:

In my case, it is where I can showoff my video collections and other information.

Click on your channel ID on top-right corner and then select “Account” from the drop down. Now you can see “Edit Channel” option on the new window. You can change the channel URL and other details from settings tab of the channel.

Change Theme, Layout and Design

There are lot many themes available on YouTube thru which you can change the look and feel of your own channel. These themes are having different preset values for background color, text, links, transparency etc. Select any theme as per your choice and then you can modify these preset values by opening the “Advance Options”. Click on “Show Advance Options” to change the preset values.

Select Theme for Channel


Customize the theme from Advance Options


Upload Videos, Modification, Tagging, Annotations

YouTube is used to host different videos and then share them to the whole world. To upload a video on YouTube, click on “Upload” button (Yellow Color) on Top-Right corner of the screen. It will take to a new window where you can provide the location of the video on your local computer. Select the video and click on Upload. It will take some time to upload the full video. YouTube does not accept videos of more than 10 minutes in length. So try to keep the length of video within 10 minutes only.

In the meantime, you can fill up the details about the video like Tags (keywords), Title, Description etc.

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Track Your Channel’s Popularity

Now your YouTube channel is live and having some content as well. You can keep track of the number of views of uploaded videos, channel etc. On your Account settings page, you can check the Videos Watched, Chanel Views, Uploaded, Subscribers etc.

Showing Stats from Internet Techies YouTube Channel


You can also check the popularity of the channel in particular segment on YouTube. There are different categories available on YouTube out of which you may assign on of them to your channel. Now you can track your channel’s position in that category which wil be visible to your readers as well. For example, clickonf5 channel is at position #33 on Most Viewed (This Month) in Gurus – India section.


Start Making Money Thru Your Channel

Once your YouTube channel starts getting nice amount of traffic and you starts uploading videos on regular basis, you may apply for the YouTube Partner Program. Thru this program you can start making money by serving ads on your videos. Those ads will appear at the bottom overlaid on the videos. Check the details, benefits and qualifying criterion of the Partnership Program. You can see a big banner on Chris.Pirillo channel showing his blog name and URL, YouTube partner gets lot many benefits like this one which is not available for new users. Once you will cross the qualification barrier, you should apply for partnership program on YouTube and use that effectively.

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