Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distribution and Edubuntu is specially designed, customized Ubuntu for educational purposes. Edubutnu’s features makes it perfect for students, children, kids, School, Parents, Teachers etc. It comes with pre loaded software for educational purposes. Here is the complete list of Pre-loaded Software in Edubuntu.


Edubuntu 9.10 Applications

  • Atomix – Puzzle games to build molecules out of isolated atoms
  • Dia – Diagram Editor
  • GCompris – Educational Games for small children
  • Gobby – Collaborative Text Editor
  • GNU Paint – A small easy to use Paint program
  • Inkscape – Vector based diagram program
  • iTalc master interface – Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers
  • Kalgebra – Algebraic graphing calculator for KDE 4   
  • Kalzium – Periodic table and chemistry tools for KDE 4
  • Kanagram – Jumble word puzzle for KDE 4
  • Kbruch – Fraction learning aid
  • Khangman – Hangman word puzzle
  • Kig – Interactive geometry tool for KDE 4
  • Kmplot – Mathematical function plotter for KDE 4
  • Kpercentage – Percentage calculation learning aid for KDE 4
  • Kstars – Desktop planetarium for KDE 4
  • Ktouch – Touch typing tutor for KDE 4
  • Kturtle – Logo educational programming environment for KDE 4
  • Ktuberling (Potato Guy) – Stamp drawing toy for KDE 4
  • Kwordquiz – Flashcard learning program for KDE 4
  • Kino – Non-linear editor for Digital Video data
  • Liferea – Feed aggregator for GNOME
  • Marble – Marble globe and map widget
  • Parley – Vocabulary trainer for KDE 4
  • Qcad – A professional CAD System
  • Screem – A GNOME website development environment
  • Scribus – Open Source Desktop Page Layout
  • Step – Interactive physics simulator
  • Tomboy – Desktop note taking program using Wiki style links
  • Tuxmath – Math game for kids with Tux
  • Tuxpaint – A paint program for young children
  • Tuxtype – Educational Typing Tutor Game Starring Tux
  • Xaos – Fractal Zoomer – Real-time interactive fractal zoomer

Edubuntu is 100% free OS as Ubuntu and the community has already promised that it will be free forever. It is available to download in different formats. you can download the .ISO file and start the installation or you can burn DVD/USB Flash Drive as well. Here are the links for torrent as well as for burning a blank DVD or USB Flash Stick.

Update: Edubuntu 9.10 has been released and ready to download.

Download Edubuntu ISO file for 32 bit Computer

Download Edubuntu ISO file for 64 bit Computer

Burn to Blank DVD

Burn to USB Flash Stick

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