Windows Live Writer is a well known blog authoring desktop tool for windows, but if you are a Linux user then go for KBlogger. We had earlier discussed about using Google Docs as a blog authoring tool which can be used in Linux as well but if you want to have a desktop application then KBlogger will fulfill your requirement.


KBlogger is a free software thru which you can post, schedule or draft a post on blogging platforms like Self Hosted WordPress,, Blogger (Blogspot), Live Journal, Drupal etc. In the following step by step guide, I will show you how to install KBlogger on Ubuntu and how to use that for power blogging on Linux.

How To Install KBlogger on Ubuntu

1. Go to System ==>   Administration ==> Synaptic Package Manager and select KBlogger from the list or search for KBlogger

2. Check the white box besides KBlogger and Mark it for installation

3. Apply for installation

Done. Now KBlogger is installed on your Ubuntu OS.

How To use KBlogger as a Blog Authoring Tool

Go to Applications ==> Internet ==> KBlogger and start the application from there. Now you will have to provide the details about your blog including ID and Password for blog dashboard. To add a blog in the list, click on “Configure KBlogger” under settings panel. Now you can add a blog with details and may modify that afterwards as well.

Here is the screenshot of KBlogger panel to configure your blog’s settings. WordPress users will have to enable “XML-RPC” option from WordPress Dashboard / Settings/ Writing panel to write posts using desktop applications.


After providing an account name, you will have to enter the details like ID and password of your blog dashboard, and provide the URL of the same. Select the blogging platform from the dropdown under “Advance” tab.


After providing the homepage URL and ID-Password, click on “Autoconfigure” to get the XML-RPC links and customization. Click on OK and get back to the KBlogger main window. Now select the blog account name and ten click on “New Post” to start writing posts using desktop client on your Linux operating system.

KBlogger Editor panel has Visual, HTML and Preview option. You can get the stylesheet of your blog to have the same preview template. This option is similar to Windows Live Writer preview option. You can schedule posts thru KBlogger by changing the post date and time. Categories will be shown in right panel, you can get your existing categories by clicking on the “Refresh” button. Here is the screenshot of KBlogger Edit Panel:

KBlogger Authoring Tool Editor


There are lot many other desktop authoring applications for Linux. For example, Bilbo is also a nice authoring tool for linux but WordPress support is not available over there. Share your favorite blog authoring tool for Linux as well as Windows thru comment section of Internet Techies.

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