Marketing is all about reaching more users and turn them into a valuable customer. Like the push notification service on mobile, one can enable the same on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers on desktop too. As per the recent survey, the CTR for push notification is more than 40% which is way more than the average CTR of regular email marketing campaign. If you run a content blog or eCommerce site or any other portal and looking forward to boost site’s traffic, make site more engaging, Push Notification is a great way to do that.

If you are a developer, you can read the documentation and enable this service by doing so, else you can use many free services to do so. These services come with lot many extra feature such as sending customized notification, CTR report, change Logo, Show number of subscribers, send Push notifications to multiple platforms.


Choosing a great service provider is recommended for Push notification as you can not export the users from one service to another in this case.  Few service providers are having free plan for up to 500 or 1000 subscribers and after that they charge per month. If you start getting good number of people on your subscription list, these services may look pricey at that time. In this article, I will show you few service providers offering completely free Push notification to any number of users and few with limitations.

# OneSignal – Completely free and a great platform to send push notifications on Desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers) and Mobile (iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Windows Phone). One can also use this platform to send push notifications via Chrome extensions. You get dashboard features such as A/B Testing, Scheduling of notification and Automation. You can also track the campaign CTR and see how many people clicked on the notification and link.


It comes with a bell to allow your subscriber manage subscription and also see the old notifications,

# PushWoosh – Allows you to send notifications on up to 1 Million devices for free. You can have 5 applications to send the notifications under this plan. After that, they charge $49 per month for more applications and other features.

# WonderPush – If you are having very limited number of applications, this is good service. For total 3 campaigns, it offers unlimited push notifications for life. If you are planning to add more applications to send notifications, they charge 50 Euros/month.

# PushAssist – Up to 3,000 subscribers, it offers free service and after that, the charges are $29 per month for up to 15K, $69 per month for up to 30K and so on.

# PushEngage – Up to 2,500 users, the service is free, but Firefox and Safari support is yet to come. It means web notifications will be limited to Google Chrome users only. Once you exhaust the free users, they charge $29 per month for up to 10K subscribers and so on.

# iZooto – Another completely free service to send push notification on web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

# PushCrew – Service is free up to 500 subscribers and after that, you need to pay $25 per month for having up to 2000 subscribers. This one is a pricey option.

# Roost – Pricey solution for sending push notification on different devices but it offers excellent service as well. The plan starts from $29 per month (billed annually approx $399)

Well, by now you must be confused in selecting the service. I would recommend OneSignal as it is free and comes with some premium features. They make money by offering enterprise and custom solutions to other clients. If you are using WordPress CMS, there is a plugin available as well. Install the plugin and paste the account ID (you get after signing up to OneSignal).

Note – To use Chrome notification, your website should have active SSL certificate installed.

If you are already using these services, post your experience via comment or you can also recommend other services if you found better.

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