Most of the home PC users go for Microsoft Windows Vista Home basic edition because it is cheaper than others. Do you know what are there in Vista Premium or Ultimate editions? Here we have discussed some of the important features

which are there in Vista’s other edition then Home Basic.

Extra features in Microsoft Windows Home Premium and Ultimate:

1) Windows Aero Experience where you will get a glass like menu bars, flip 3D and live thumbnails


Courtesy: Microsoft

2) Windows mobility center and Tablet PC support makes it suitable for laptop users.

3) All in one media center functionality

4) Extend your display to other devices using Windows SideShow


Courtesy: Microsoft

5) Protection against hardware failure

6) Remotely access your business resources and application. This feature is not there in Premium as well.

7) Better protect your data from loss with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

8) Create HD (high definition movies) with movie maker

9) Scan, fax, receive the documents thru Windows fax and scan

10) Use Windows meeting space to share the documents


Courtesy: Microsoft

I think investing extra $60 is a good choice because that difference between the basic and premium is worth to invest. Go for the premium or ultimate Vista and experience the difference.

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