Windows 11 is here and it is loaded with many new features. The newly released operating system is getting mixed reactions from users. I had already talked about the new start panel of Windows 11. Today, I am more interested in the login blur screen.

Just like any other new feature, some people may find this new blurred login screen a little annoying. Microsoft is trying hard to design something which can compete with Apple Mac devices. But few people reported some issues with the newly launched blurred screen on login window.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can disable that blurred effect. So if you are not liking the login window blur effect in windows 11, find these 3 methods to disable that effect immediately.

Blur Effect in Windows 11

One can easily see the blur effect appearing on login screen of Windows 11. That’s the first screen after boot up so you can’t ignore the same.

In Windows 10, Microsoft was having a large login screen with a blue color background. Find the comparison as below,

Step by Step Guide to Remove Blur Effect on Login Screen

I am going to show you 3 methods of removing the blur effect from Login screen of Windows 11. you may choose any method out of all these and get the result immediately.

Method #1

Method #2

Method #3

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