John says, Hey Boss I sent you a mail thru Outlook having annual report as an attachment, please check that. Boss came to his desk and asked, show me your hidden attachment, where it is?? John replied as “Oh No, I forgot to attach, it is still on my desktop”.


Many of us faced this scenario where sometimes we found ourselves as John or may be as Boss. But now those days are gone, you will never find yourself as John because here is an attachment reminder which will ask you to attach the document which you were going to miss. Thanks to Bhavesh from Hyderabad, India who developed this tiny application which will save the job many of Outlook users.

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Forgotten Attachment Detector is a project developed by Bhavesh which can be used with Microsoft Outlook to remind the user about attachment. Whenever you will try to send an email with description having keywords like “find the attachment”, “attached file”, “attachment with mail” or any other defined by you, FAD will popup a message when you will click on the “Send” button on Outlook.

fad_detector_popup Once the installation is done for for FAD, you will have to feed some keywords as defined above to let FAD know that on which term you want FAD to remind you about attachment. FAD is also having feature to remind you whenever you try to send an email without subject line.


Gmail Labs is already having these two features in that, if you are a Gmail user, just enable these features from Gmail Labs.

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