Can you think of a communication client which can let you chat in office with the people associated with a Microsoft word or excel? Microsoft Communicator 2007 is a communication client that helps the users to be more productive and reachable while working on a task. The features of this product are as below:

Real time Established Connection:

One can start the communicator in an Instant Messaging mode which will be real time. After that he can choose the different modes available with the Communicator 2007 which are Voice mode and Video mode. Whether the user is at office, home or one the way; the communication will be real time.

Integrated Communication:

As the Communicator is a Microsoft’s product; it is integrated with the other Microsoft Office tools. For example, the user can see whether the person who has sends the e-mail on Outlook is available for chatting or whether he is offline. While working on Office documents like Word, Excel or other tools, one can check who all are associated with the document and whether they are available for the communication thru Office Communicator.

Microsoft Communicator 2007
Microsoft Communicator 2007

Voice and Video Chatting:

User can change the mode of communication at any point of time without opening a new window. That means, if some has started the communication on IM (Instant Messaging) mode and now want to shift to voice mode, he needs to click on call the computer option and within a couple of seconds the phone communication get established.

Setup a conference call:

Select the multiple users from the contact list and start the conference in any of the mode of communication. You can start a chat in office at any point of time and get review, feedback on real time.

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