Windows 7 theme consist of cool wallpapers, screensaver, sound, cursor animation etc. If you want to create own Windows 7 theme specially customized as per your choice then you can do that in 5 minutes using nothing but your current Windows 7 operating system. Apart from personal use, companies can use this kind of custom theme in office for branding as well as for similar look at every desk. If you are having couple of good resolution images and some audio files customized as per your need then go ahead and follow the easy steps mentioned below.

In process of creating a new Windows 7 theme, you may need different files like .jpg/.jpeg, .wav, .ico, .ani, .dib, .tif, .png. It is not necessary to have all of these files at the time of creating a theme. You can reuse the existing files on your current Windows as well.


Process to create custom Windows 7 Theme

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′] – Right click on the desktop and choose “Personalize” option from the menu

– If you have already implemented a theme on your Windows, then start customizing that only. Or if you are not using any theme, then first all of select any default theme available in Windows on “Personalize” page

– You can customize the theme by changing the “Desktop Background” by the link available on that window at the bottom. Click on change “Desktop Background” and then click on “Browse” to locate the high resolution images available on your local computer. You may select more than one image to have a slideshow like theme with multiple wallpaper.

– Now change the “Window Color” and customize colors for your theme. By clicking of “Window Color”, you can change the color of menu, desktop, pallet title, scroll bar and much more.

– Now its time to change sound files. You can customize the sound files by clicking on “Sounds” option on personalize window.

– Screensaver customization options are available on the same page. You can select or add screensaver from that window which will be added into your theme pack.

– You can change desktop icons and mouse pointers from the “Personalization” page only. You can see Change desktop icons and Change mouse pointers options available on top-left corner of the personalization window.

Once you are done with the customization of your current theme, right click on the theme icon which is already selected, and click on “Save theme for sharing”. Now a window will prompt to save the file as .themepack file. Provide a name to your theme and save that file on your hard disk.

Your custom theme is ready to install at any point of time or you can carry or upload that theme to anywhere. You can email that theme to your friends and family to let them install on their Windows 7 PC. Or you can let your visitors download that theme as a Giveaway. One can change or open the .themepack file to see the content by just changing the extension from .themepack to .cab. If you are having a collection of files in a proper format of folders, then you can use CabPack like software to compress them into a .cab file. If you want to create a Windows 7 theme from scratch by writing .themepack file code, then you may refer to the tutorial provided by Microsoft.

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