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Digital Artwork by Tae-Gyeong Kim on The Art of Touch

Capabilities of HTML5 are limitless and by using the creative work and imagination, a web designer or application developer can utilize those capabilities or features to come up with amazing webpages. Microsoft launched a new website built on HTML5 to let the users create digital artwork using the mouse for free. They launched “The Art of Touch” to let you create designer painting on digital canvas by using couple of brushes and pre-installed effects. You don’t have to install any software on your computer to create a painting as everything happens on the website.

In recent past, Microsoft came up with really nice HTML5 websites to showcase different capabilities of the latest version of their own browser Internet Explorer. In this continuous effort, this time they came with an artwork digital painting application where one can create digital art in no time and share that on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or you can save and print the work on coffee mugs and even on T-shirts.

To start with the application, you get three different brushes to choose from. And then you need to select an effect out of total six effect available. Then keep the left click button of mouse pressed and start moving your mouse on the canvas area. You will see a nice red color ribbon with selected effect appearing on the canvas. You can keep doing that as per your imagination and finally can come up with a special design. As I am not a designer, I created a very odd-looking design on canvas with ‘Internet Techies’ written somewhere on that. But if you are good with digital art, you can create really good-looking designs on this webpage.


You can also explore the designs created by other users using the same webpage. You can vote for their designs or others can also vote for your design. The maximum vote gainer will get a PC including Mouse from Microsoft.

Not for Tablets like iPad

The Art of Touch is not for compatible for tablets and one can not create such designs using fingers on devices like Apple iPad. You can either use physical mouse, touch pad on laptops to create such designs on this web application.

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