There are lot many things to enter at the time of windows installation on PC. Starting from Time Zone, Profile ID, Product Key etc. But if you want to create an installation setup for windows XP or Vista where you don’t need to enter anything at the time of installation, then here is the solution for that.

First of all we will start with creating a Windows XP unattended installation CD and then we will talk about Windows Vista.

Windows XP Installation Pack:


For creating windows XP setup CD which will start running till the complete installation without asking any details from you then use nLite It is a free software for tweaking and customizing the windows installation setup as per your comfort. Follow the below mentioned steps to create an unattended installation setup CD for windows XP,

1. Download nLite from here

2. Install the software on your PC

3. Copy the distribution CD of windows XP on your machine in a new folder say “Windows_XP_Unattended” (you can go for any other name as well).

4. Start nLite on your PC. You will see the below mentioned welcome screen.


5. Click on the “Next” button. Now locate the folder containing windows XP distribution pack. For my case, it is “Windows_XP_Unattended” .  Click on “Next”.


6. Click on “Next” if you don’t want to import any previous setting.

7. Now you are on “Task Selection” window where you need to click on “Unattended” and “Bootable ISO” options from the list. Other options are explained at the end of this post.


8. Click on “Next” button. Now you are on the “Unattended” window thru which you can provide the information related to your windows installation so that you don’t need to do that at the time of installation.

9. Enter the details like Product Key,  Unattended Mode (Fully Automated), Firewall, User Info, Desktop themes, Network Settings etc.


10. Click on next to burn the CD. Start burning the data on CD. You are done with the Installation Pack CD for windows XP. Go ahead and start installation on your PC and forget about that for half an hour. Come back to your PC and enjoy fully installed Windows.

Windows Vista Installation Pack

vLite is for Windows Vista to create an unattended Installation setup DVD. It can also split the setup DVD into several CDs. Procedure for creating an unattended installation cd pack for Vista is similar to Windows XP.

vlite_for_windows_vista Other options available are as below,

1. Integrate Drivers of you motherboard, Printers etc with the Installation pack so that you don’t need to even install the drivers after installation of windows.

2. Add updates into your installation pack. Updates related to windows like IE7, Latest MSN messenger etc.

3. Add Service Pack in the installation pack.

4. Tweak the registry at the time of installation for more customization.

Unattended installation packs are very useful in case of bulk installation. It can also be used for those who are not familiar or afraid of installation of windows on their computer.

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