DOS (Disk Operating System) is the oldest but basic part of the windows and sometimes we need to go thru the DOS prompt to complete some tasks. By default, the color, font-size and background set to white, 8 and black respectively. If you want to change the setting to customize the feel and look of DOS prompt on your PC, then here is the way to do it.


Change the Background Color

By default the background color of the screen appears as black. You can change it to a color of your choice from the properties window. To open the property window, right click on the address bar of the DOS window and select “Properties” from the menu list. Here is the screen shot of the same,


Now go to the colors tab and then check the tab “Screen Background”. Now you can select the colors provided below the option or you can fill up the RGB boxes as per your need to get the background of your choice.

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Change Font Color

Similarly select the Screen Text from the same window and change the color by picking any of them provided below the options. Or you can use RGB box to get the color of your choice.

Screen Layout

By default the DOS screen size limits to very small but you can even get a full screen size of DOS window on your PC. To change the screen size layout of DOS, go to the tab “Layout” on the same Properties window. Change the windows size as per your need to get the desired windows size for DOS command window. I set it to 1024 X 768 on my laptop to get it as full screen.

Font Size and Style

Change the font Style and size by changing the values on the tab “Font” on the Properties window. Select the desired font size as per your need to get proper view of DOS window. If your screen size is bit higher than you can go for bigger fonts as well.

Cursor Size

When you enter a command on DOS prompt, the cursor appears at the end of the command execution asking for another command. If you want to change the size of cursor to make it visible from distance as well then go ahead and change the cursor size from the “Options” tab of Properties window. Sizes provided over there are as small, medium and large. Choose any of them as per your need.

Once you will set the screen layout bit bigger in size, the setting window will through you a warning that the buffer size per window will consume around 1 MB of space. Since now a days, we are having huge capacity (memory) hard disks installed on our PC so that 1 MB doesn’t matter at all.

Bonus Tip: Copy texts from DOS prompt by selecting the text and press Enter. Copied!

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