office_2007 Microsoft has released the service pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2007 suite which will secure your office products even more. It also provides some unreleased fixes for the office 2007 and enhance the performance of the same.

If you are an Office 2003 user, then you can go for the compatibility package from Microsoft which will provide you the access to edit, browse and save the office documents like Word, excel and PowerPoint in 2007 format. There should not be any confusion between the SP2 and the compatibility package as SP2 will be applied on Office 2007 and Compatibility package is for Office 2003.

Download size for Office 2007 SP2 is between 1 KB to 290 KB depending on the components for which you need the service pack. If you are having Microsoft office Basic 2007 then you don’t need the updates for Office Professional and Small Business Suite.

If you don’t want to download the SP2 from the link, then use the automatic updates from Microsoft to get the required components only which will not take that much time.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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