Windows Vista is having a sidebar feature to show some easily accessible gadgets like calendar, clock, slideshow etc. Many of us remove that sidebar because they think that it is non of their use. But one can use the sidebar effectively to increase their own productivity. This sidebar is really helpful specially for bloggers. windows_sidebar

Which gadgets should I use on Windows Sidebar?

Here is the list of gadgets and their usage which should be on your windows sidebar and will definitely help you in many ways.

1. Clock with Time of your Geographical Target

If you are targeting a geographical location other than your own, then you should also track the time of that place. In case of blogging, If you are targeting United States or United Kingdom or any other country then you can have a clock on your sidebar with the time zone set as of that place. That time tracking will 

2. Notes Having To-Do List

You can have a Notes gadget to have to-do list on your desktop. This will help in tracking the tasks assigned to you for today or your own goals set for today. These notes really help in tracking

3. RSS feed of your own blog or favourite

RSS feed of your own blog or any other blog can be shown in your sidebar. That way you can take a look at the recent posts and may shout about that. You can set as many feeds as you want by subscribing those feeds from Internet Explorer.

4. Calendar

Having a handy calendar always help us in planning our next step. You can have a calendar on your sidebar to keep yourself updated and to minimize any risk of missing something really important.

There are other gadgets also available for Windows Sidebar. Here is the list of other gadgets.

Contacts, CPU Meter, Currency, Picture Puzzle, Slide Show, Weather, Stock

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