microsoft-vista Download the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 on your computer to make it more secured and safe. Microsoft has released the service pack 2 recently in two forms. If you want the SP2 as a standalone installer then choose that from below mentioned link or you can burn the ISO image on a DVD.

The size of this installer is very less (350 MB) because Microsoft has decided not to offer cumulative SP2 package. Which means, you will have to install SP1 before installing SP2 on your Vista PC. Direct installation of SP2 is not possible this time.

Tip: If you don’t want to download such a big file and you are connected thru Internet, then wait for the time when Microsoft pushes the SP2 patches in Automatic updates on Vista PC. That will only download the essential files (43 MB)  and will install that on your machine.

Size of Windows Vista SP1 is 434.5 MB which will take 17 hr 40 min to download on 56K speed.

Size of Windows Vista SP2 Standalone is 348.3 MB which will take 14hr 10min on 56K.

Size of Windows Vista SP2 ISO is 1376.8 MB. Vista SP2 also includes SP2 for Server 2008.

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