Microsoft Windows 7 is having a hidden application to record your interaction with any application. You can start the recording of your mouse movement and highlight the issue, then this application creates step by step screenshot and details for that problem. Now you can send the screenshot with details to tech support guy and get the problem resolved. Actually, this tiny but important application was kept for testing purpose in Windows 7 but never highlighted and it is still there.

[ad id=’9′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]This hidden application in Windows 7 is named as “Problem Steps Recorder”. To run this hidden application, type “psr.exe” in Start ==> Execute panel on Windows7 PC. Now you can see a small panel with “Start Record, Stop Record and Add Comment” option. There is also a timeline available on that panel to show your the recording length. You need to run this application as “Administrator”, and if you are not logged in as administrator, then click on “shield” icon present on right most corner of the panel. That will run the application with administrator privilege.

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problem steps recorder


Once the application starts, you need to navigate to the application or window where you are facing the problem or having issues. Now you need to click on the PSR (Problem Steps Recorder) and hit “Start Record” button. Now you can highlight the problem, to do that, just click with the mouse on the location where the problem is. You can do multiple clicks on different locations to highlight the problem. Once you are done with highlighting the problem with your mouse, click on “Stop Record” option on PSR.

Now PSR will ask you to save the screenshots in ZIP format on your computer. Save the file and then you can UNZIP the file to see the screenshots. You can open that UNZIPPED file in Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome or any other browser available on your computer. While recording the problems, you can add comments about the problem at any point of time, the comment will also be present on the final document.

Problem Steps Recorder also provide some additional information like version of Windows 7 and applications used in the highlighted problems. That may help tech support to resolve your Windows problem soon.

PSR Recorded

Now a days, people are having screenshot tools on PC to achieve this task, but you may face issues where your PC’s screenshot tool not working and at that time you can use this hidden feature of Windows7. I hope you enjoyed this post, share your views of PSR and its usage thru comments section.

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