Windows Vista on my computer started taking a long time to boot and come up to windows screen, I calculated the time consumed and it was approximately 10 minutes. It starts normally and stuck on a black screen. I was so irritated by that performance that I thought to restore my Vista from recovery disc. Then I goggled and found that there are other people who are facing the same issue on Vista Premium, Professional, Business editions as well. I tried to resolve that issue and got success as well.

Screenshot: Vista Boot Screen



Check for the startup programs on your computer. Startup programs are those programs which starts automatically when your machine boots. That means, those programs services starts consuming memory at he time of startup and hat’s why system takes so much time to load. If we can stop those services at startup then only we can reduce he boot time.

Use “msconfig” command on the “Run” command box and then disable al the startup programs from the “Startup” list. Reboot the system and then calculate the boot time. It must be reduced by a significant value. For using the msconfig” command, read our previous article,

Speed up the windows by using msconfig command


Laptop users can change the power option on their laptop to “High Performance”. I am planning to write an article for Laptop High Performance power option very soon, Keep coming over here and you will see these kind of posts.

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