Microsoft recently released a dedicated download manager application to let the Windows users download files easily. A download manager is essential when you are going to download a huge file or multiple files. There are lot many freeware applications available and some of them are really good. For example, the FDM (Free Download Manager) is a really good program to manage and download files in organized manner. But now you don’t need to use third party applications as the official download manager is available for free.

Microsoft Download Manager is having a very simple and easy to use interface. You can add download links (URL of the file to be downloaded) and start the download process. You can stop the process and restart the same. The download will resume from the last point. You can also suspend the download process and delete the item from queue. This way you can add multiple download files in queue which will get processed one by one.

Download Microsoft Download Manager

How to utilize Microsoft Download Manager at Its best

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]If you are having a good Internet connection with nice download speed, you should utilize that to its best. In download manager, you can set the number of connections that the application will use while downloading a file. If your Internet connection is good, you can increase the number of connection from settings panel of download manager. Go to Settings, and change the “maximum number of connections” to 8. Now you will see faster download process.

This type of download connection option is also available in FDM and there you can see the connections getting utilized. That type of interface is missing in Microsoft Download Manager as it is only for advance users but for normal people who wants to download couple of files.

Not Integrated with Internet Explorer

Download Manager is not yet integrated with Internet Explorer. Most of the time it is expected that user will fire the download process from browser itself. A download manager should be integrated with the browser so that once the user will click on download now button on specific website, the item should get added in Download Manager and then download process should start. That kind of integration is available in few freeware programs and that’s why I am expecting that Microsoft will atleast provide integration with IE browser.

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