Internet Explorer is the most criticised web browser but there are some decent features in IE which should be appreciated. Here we are talking about the RSS feed subscription in Internet Explorer 8 which is very much easier and very well readable.


How To Subscribe A Feed?

To Subscribe a feed from website or blog, open that website or blog on Internet Explorer and then click on the Feed Icon available on the tab bar which will change the colour in case a feed is available for the blog or website. Once you will click on the icon, it will show you the list of feeds available for the site. Click on the link of your choice to open the subscription page. Now click on the link which say “Subscribe to this feed” to get it in your favourites.


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How To See the subscribed feeds?

To see the subscribed feeds on Internet Explorer, Go to the Favorites on your Internet Explorer and then click on the Feeds tab. There you can see the list of Websites or blogs which you have subscribed earlier. Now click on any of them to get the latest posts on the browser itself.


What Are The Other Benefits Of Subscription Thru IE?

Once you will subscribe the RSS feed of blog from IE, the feed link and details will be visible under Windows Sidebar available in Windows Vista. Thru that you can view the latest posts on your desktop itself which will make your life bit easier.

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