Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 8 is the latest stable version browser available from Microsoft and the preview of IE9 is also available for developers. But there are lot many people who are still using IE6 as their default browser. Specially those people who are still using Windows XP and didn’t upgrade their browser after installation (Not even set the windows update automatically thru Control Panel). Of course IE6 is an outdated browser with lot many loopholes and CSS issues. Working on IE6 is really difficult for user as well as developer. There are lot many browsers available in the market and some of them are really better than even the current version of Internet Explorer i.e. IE8. But Microsoft is trying to capture those users who are still using IE6 thru a funny commercial for IE8 upgrade.

Microsoft’s Expired Milk Commercial for IE8 Upgrade

You wouldn’t drink 9 year old milk. So why use 9 year old browser?You wouldn’t drink 9 year old milk. So why use 9 year old browser?

In this new commercial, the message is very simple that “You wouldn’t drink 9 year old milk. So why use 9 year old browser?”. This 9 year old browser is nothing but IE6. IE6 was a lunched in August 2001 and at that time it became very popular. Since it started getting distributed with Windows XP which was one of the most successful Windows till the launch of Windows 7. In this commercial, Microsoft is promoting IE8 browser as more safe option than its competitors like Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Download Internet Explorer 8

IE8 upgrade is not recommended by us as we have already recommended Google Chrome or Firefox 3.6 because of their performance and speed. You can wait for IE9 final release as Microsoft is feeling the heat from competitors and adding some special performance features in their next version. But still the commercial is too cool to impress users for their browser upgrade.

Note: For IE users, I would strongly recommend to use Chrome 5 beta and feel the difference in page load time and speed with the existing hardware configuration and Internet connection.

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