PC vs Mac videos re viral on web where you can learn about some interesting comparison between Windows PC and Apple’s Mac. As Windows 7 is already a success for Microsoft, now they are targeting Mac users or those who are bit confused between PC and Mac by suggesting them some advantages of using PC over Mac. Microsoft has created a dedicated page on Windows 7 site to let you know the advantages of PC over Mac.

pc vs mac

Important points highlighted on PC vs Mac page of Windows 7

  • Enjoy games, movies, HDTV from anywhere in home, PC is ready to play
  • Intuitive, familiar, and easy to use, PCs do what you want: they just work.
  • PCs are always ready, willing, and—most importantly—able to get down to business.
  • Whether you’re working or playing, PCs know how to help you get along with others.
  • Most software is developed for PCs, and your PC will work with your music players, phones, cameras, and other devices.
  • Pick a color you love. Midnight blue, espresso, or pink? PCs offer the most variety and options to match your style or price point.

On that page, they have highlighted some sections like Having Fun, Simplicity, Working Hard, Sharing, Compatibility, Choice to show that Windows 7 is much friendly and easy to learn than Mac. Checkout the page to know more about this comparison by Microsoft.

What is your take on PC and Mac story? Do you really think that this kind of promotion will help Microsoft reaching new market?

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