Windows 7 If you are running Windows 7 operating system on your PC and also having Internet Connection then you should check the programs which are using that connection. Specially if the Internet connection is not much faster, then monitoring the programs is really helpful so that you can use the speed wisely. For instance, if you are downloading certain files and not getting the promised speed for download, then you should check if any other program is using the connection for other purposes. Anti-viruses or Internet Security programs may be responsible for slow connection if there are downloading their updates. Windows 7 users can monitor these kind of running programs which are using Internet.

Resource Monitor is an application provided with Windows 7 where you can check the utilization of different resources on the computer. Same kind of program was also there in Windows XP/Vista but in 7, Microsoft has added lot many new features. You can monitor CPU, Memory (RAM), Network usage etc on single platform. To monitor the programs which are using Internet, go to the “Network” tab. Under that, you can see TCP connections. There you can see the list of programs which are using Internet for different purposes. You can find browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox or whatever browser running), Live Chat Programs (like Google Talk, Windows Messenger etc.), Anti-Virus Programs (if any) etc. “Process with Network Activity” panel will show you the download speed, data downloaded or sent etc. Here is the screenshot of “Resource Monitor – Network” panel.

Resource Monitor on Windows 7

Resource Monitor on Windows 7

To open the “Resource Monitor” panel, go to Start ==> Accessories ==> System Tools ==> Resource Monitor.

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