bing_kids-computers If you have already started using Bing for search on web, you should look at the preferences option on Bing to customize the search results in your way. One can set the preferences for his own language, number of results on single page, safe search operation mode etc.

bing_preferences_2 We will cover each and every option provided on preference tab on Bing and then you can customize your own Bing screen for that only.

Under General Settings,

1) Safe Search

This is very important option provided on Bing to filter out all the sexually explicit text, images and videos from the search results. As the video results on Bing can be played on the Bing screen by hovering the mouse on them, that’s why it is very important to choose the Safe Search as per your need or you can face some embracement on public place.

If you don’t want to get sexually explicit images and videos in search results, then it is recommended to put “Strict” filter.

2) Location

The search result will be more relevant to your location, so put your original location over here to get the relevant results.

3) Display

Language of the Bing Page. Choose your own language from the drop down to get the Bing page in that only.


Under Web Settings

4) Results

Number of results to show on Bing page. By default it will be 10, but you can update this number at any point of time. For image search results, you already get option to view the results in different format by clicking the format option at the top-right corner of the result screen.

5) Search Suggestions

It will turn on the search suggestion on the Bing search bar which means Bing will suggest you about the search keywords. it will help you in many ways as you can try some popular keyword other than what you are thinking.

6) Search Language

You can optimize the search result by choosing a particular language or you can go for the global search as well.


If you want to get more details about the newly launched search engine Bing, then go thru the tour page of Bing which will let you know about the variety of search you can perform on bing. Bloggers and Webmasters can read about how to submit URL on Bing.

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