In office activities, sometimes we need to schedule emails on Microsoft Outlook (email client in Office suite by Microsoft) to send later. Here is the tip to do that in Outlook. Earlier, we had shared tip to schedule email in Gmail (webmail client by Google). Scheduling emails help you organize stuff or tasks in your daily office activity. You can write emails at your convenience, and schedule them for specific time as per your requirement. Scheduled messages will be delivered at the time agreed between both parties.

How to schedule email in Outlook – Step by Step process

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Scheduling email in Outlook is very easy task to do. Once you open a blank email message body (by clicking on New), go to the “Options” tab on the menu bar. Now in the “More options” group, you can find “Delay Delivery” option.


Click on delay delivery to delay the message for some time. Now under that, you can see “Message Options”. Under “Delivery Options”, you can check “Do not deliver before” checkbox to set the date and time to deliver that mail. Once you will set the date and time over there to deliver the email at that time only, you are done with the scheduling of that email.

Important point is that, as Outlook is installed on your computer, and it is not going to store the email or details on any web cloud, so at the scheduled date and time, your computer should be tuned on to send that email. That means, you will have to keep your computer on at the scheduled time for that email. Unlike this, email scheduling on Gmail works even your computer is tuned off at that time as the scheduling information is saved on web clouding platform. But if your computer keeps running and connected to Internet all the time as most of the computers in offices does, then there is no problem at all in scheduling emails on Outlook.

Email scheduling works perfectly in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and latest Outlook 2010.

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